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Great jill valentine is the best choice Stocks @ credittravaux.info. jill valentine ジルバレンタイン jiru barentain is an american special operations agent soa of the bioterrorism security assessment alliance of which she is a cofounder and one of the original eleven members making her a respected and high ranking operative of the organization jills father was, jill valentine was introduced as one of two playable protagonists alongside her partner chris redfield in capcoms 1996 video game resident evil as such she was the first playable female character in the survival horror genre both characters were created by the director of the game shinji mikami alongside character designer isao Ōishi, jill valentine is the original female protagonist of the resident evil franchise as well as the protagonist of resident evil 3 nemesis, product description is a fan made beret wore by jill valentine in the popular game resident

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sienna guillory in the movie resident evil apocalypse, sienna guillory actress love actually sienna guillory is the daughter of american folk guitarist isaac guillory and tina thompson an english model guillorys parents encouraged her to express herself artistically as she was growing up and this led to her decision to become an actor she was educated at greshams school holt norfolk england and appeared in school plays


jill valentine was a survivor of the global tvirus pandemic which ravaged the earth from september 2002 a former stars police officer for raccoon city she joined forces with exumbrella security agent alicia alice marcus and became part of an antiumbrella resistance movement, jill valentine is a main character in the resident evil series of survival horror games she is one of the most prominent human characters in the franchise and one of the most popular characters she has appeared in other capcom games in the form of a cameo or a crossover appearance jill was, model fs013 jill valentine head sculpt x 1 mini skirt x 1 tube top x 1 photo of the team x 1 tactical belt x 1, jill valentine is one of the main protagonists in the resident evil series she appears as a member of stars and then later fights zombies and bio terrorism a senior member of stars belonging on the same team as chris

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